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New PIAB Legislation on the way!

The Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) was established in 2004 as the independent State body for assessing Personal Injury compensation. All such injury claims, (excluding medical negligence claims) must be processed through the PIAB.

If an assessment made by the PIAB is rejected, it will issue an Authorisation and then Court proceedings can be commenced. If the Respondent declines assessment by the PIAB, or it does not have sufficient loss of earnings, or medical information resulting in it being unable to assess the claim, an Authorisation will also issue permitting Court proceedings to be commenced.

In January 2018, the Cost of Insurance Working Group made a number of recommendations to strengthen the PIAB model, and on foot of this new legislation (the Personal Injuries Assessment (Amendment) Bill) has now been approved by Cabinet. The aim of the legislation is to deter claimants from sidestepping the PIAB process, for example by deliberately not providing the required information to the PIAB, thus enabling them have their cases proceed to Court.

This legislation will give the PIAB discretion to make a no award assessment where a claimant fails to attend a medical appointment or furnish full details of their out of pocket expenses and loss of earnings. Where a claimant fails to cooperate with PIAB and proceedings end up in Court, the judge will be notified and will have the power to throw the case out.

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30th July 2018

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