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Workplace Relations Act now in force

The Workplace Relations Act came into force on October 1st 2015. The Act introduces reform of the procedures and time limits in the bringing an employment claims. It brings a welcomed improvement to the outdated and complex systems that had previously been operational.

The claims processes and procedures have been streamlined and a Workplace Relations Commission has been set up to deal with all employment claims.
To pursue a claim a Workplace Relations Complaint form must be filed with the Workplace Relations Commission. A Claimant has 6 months to lodge a claim however this period can extended by a further 6 months if there is “reasonable cause” for the delay.
A single Adjudication Officer will hear the claim and this hearing will be held in private.
The Labour Court will hear all appeals from the Workplace Relations Commission. These hearings will be in public and decisions of the Labour Court may be appealed, on a point of law only, to the High Court.

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