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  • New PIAB Legislation on the way!
    The Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) was established in 2004 as the independent State body for assessing Personal Injury compensation. All such injury claims, (excluding medical negligence claims) must be processed through the PIAB. If an assessment made by the PIAB is rejected, it will issue an Authorisation and then Court proceedings can be commenced. If the Respondent declines assess... Read More
  • Buying a Property
    Buying a house is a very exciting time in your life but it can also be very stressful. A house is probably the most expensive thing that you will ever buy and so it is important to be fully informed about what’s involved in the process and to be ready for the experience. The first step is to determine your budget. If you require a mortgage to fund the property purchase it is important that you ... Read More
  • Supreme Court Ruling on Constituional Rights of Unborn
        The Supreme Court in a landmark ruling on March 7th, 2108 has confirmed that an unborn child does not possess constitutional rights other than those expressly provided for in Article 40.3.3 of the Irish Constitution (also referred to as the Eight Amendment). It has ruled that the High Court was incorrect in its finding that the unborn has constitutional rights outside Article 40.3.... Read More
  • Update on Setanta Victims Compensation
    Claimants of completed or settled claims against Setanta are now being made by the Insurance Compensation Fund through the Accountant’s office of the High Court.  This is being done twice yearly.  The Accountant’s office is paying only 65% of the award or settlement and 65% of the claimant’s legal costs. The Minister of Finance has now confirmed that the remaining 35% due to Claimants w... Read More
  • Farmer's son entitled to promised farm
    At a recent sitting of the Court of Appeal, Mr. Justice Michael Peart upheld a decision of the High Court which ordered that the family farm be awarded to the deceased’s son on the basis of promissory estoppel, contrary to the terms of his Will, wherein he bequeath it to his daughter. However, Mr. Justice Michael Peart varied the Order of the High Court holding that the deceased's son was not als... Read More
  • Budget 2018
    The Minister for Finance, Mr. Pascal Donoghue, delivered the Budget for 2018 on October 10th 2017, and the following is of note: Capital Acquisitions Tax (Gift/Inheritance Tax) The rate of Capital Acquisitions Tax remains unchanged at 33% with no change to the thresholds. Capital Gains Tax There were no changes to the rate of Capital Gains Tax announced in this year’s Budget. However, a chan... Read More
  • Mediation Bill signed in Law
    President Michael D. Higgins has signed into law the Mediation Bill which was published earlier this year. Under the Act, practising solicitors and barristers are obliged to advise the parties to disputes to consider mediation as a means of resolving issues. If Court proceedings are commenced, it must be confirmed to the Court that the parties have been advised of and considered mediation. Also ... Read More
  • Vaginal Mesh Impants Medical Neglience Claims
    Transvaginal Mesh Implants are used to treat stress incontinence and pelvic prolapse, conditions which are common in women following childbirth. It has been reported that thousands of women have suffered symptoms as a result of such implants, to include pain, bleeding, discharge, headaches and lack of energy. Following their harrowing experiences, legal proceedings are being pursued by patients i... Read More
  • Succession Farm Partnerships
    Farm Partnerships are on the increase in Ireland.  A Farm Partnership occurs where two or more farmers pool resources in order to acquire various benefits.  A new type of farm partnership known as a Succession Farm Partnership has been introduced in 2017.  The benefit of this scheme is that certainty is provided to the farmer by way of planned succession of the farm and farming asse... Read More
  • Divorce Referendum expected in 2018
    Under current Divorce Law in Ireland separated couples must be living apart for four years out of the preceding five before initiating Divorce proceedings.   Last year Fine Gael TD and Solicitor, Josepha Madigan proposed by way of Private Members Bill the reduction in waiting time for a Divorce from four years to two years. This proposal was accepted by the Government; however such cha... Read More
  • Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act
    This new piece of legislation was signed into law in December 2015 and is due to be commenced later this year or early next year.  This Act governs the law in relation to people who have difficulties in relation to decision making whether because of an intellectual disability, an acquired head injury or dementia associated with old age. This Act is a radical change from the existing system as... Read More
  • Citizens' Assembly supports change in Abortion Law
      Abortion is prohibited in Ireland and this was enshrined in our Constitution when the referendum on the Eighth Amendment, which introduced Article 40.3.3, was passed in 1983. Resultantly, laws permitting abortion cannot be made and the courts cannot recognise a right to abortion. There is one limited exception, that being, where the life of the mother is threatened by the continuation of t... Read More
  • Update on Residential Tenancies from a Landlord's perspective
    The law governing residential tenancies is the Residential Tenancies Act 2004, the Residential Tenancies (Amendment) Act 2015 and The Planning and Development (Housing) and Residential Tenancies Act 2016.  These Acts apply to private lettings only.  Under this legislation Landlords have rights and obligations and must register any tenancy with the Residential Tenancies Board  Right... Read More

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